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by mrb
Mon Mar 06, 2023 7:22 pm
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Topic: Simplify version(s) to download
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Re: Simplify version(s) to download

Can someone explain what all this means? I recall I had to use a special version to avoid tiny text but after it upgraded itself the tiny text is back.
I'm sure there are now even more versions and I have no clue, even after searching.
by mrb
Thu Dec 22, 2022 4:56 pm
Forum: Windows
Topic: Small Text Size?
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Re: Small Text Size?

I'm also seeing small fonts on certain pages. Can someone clarify what qt6 is ? I'm running QBT 4.5.0 and says "The builds based on Qt6 need Windows 10+ (64-bit only). " but it's not clear what that means since 4.5.0 is supposedly compatible with Wi...