how to safely download torrents

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how to safely download torrents

Post by dc123 »

I use hidemyass as my vpn. I notice that sometimes when I'm trying to download a torrent while connected to the vpn it won't download. I then do the following:

I exit from hidemyass thereby exposing my address
I wait a minute or 2 and usually the torrent starts to download
Immediately after the torrent starts downloading I exit QBtorrent
I then restart hidemyass and then restart QBtorrent
this usually seems to work. 2 questions: 1) is this safe and 2) is there a better way?
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Re: how to safely download torrents

Post by Peter »

VPNs make you passive. Unless they have port forward option.
I'd recommend switching to a provider that offers port forward.

Windscribe, Mullvad can do it.

PIA can do it too but they feel so shady to me, since they've been purchased by GhostVPN.
I can't really recommend any others, they are all so shady nowadays. :/ Worse than using no VPN lol.

Also the speeds make me sad. I remember back in the day, they all maxed my connection.
Now? I can barely hit 20-50, maybe 100mbps ... for some time. And then it dies.
They all oversell / under-deliver sadly. It's bad. :(
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