WebUI no longer works after recent upgrade

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WebUI no longer works after recent upgrade

Post by dma0 »

Hi there. I'm running qbitttorrent-nox on Ubuntu 22.04 in an LXC container. I have the qbitttorrent repo set up, noticed an update was available and installed it. Unfortunately shortly thereafter I noticed that the webui was no longer responding - I now get ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT when I try to access through the webui.

The version to which I upgraded (and which isn't working) is I was previously running 4.4.1-2. This is the first time since installing it a few years ago that I've encountered this issue.

I'm running it as a service and have confirmed that the service is still up. If it's relevant, the line in the service file to run it is ExecStart=/usr/bin/qbittorrent-nox -d --webui-port=8080. And of course when attempting to access through a browser I use port 8080. I checked the release notes to see if perhaps there was a change made to the command line parameters, but didn't see anything.

I've checked connectivity from the container - everything seems reachable. Other clients like radarr can still communicate with qbittorrent. In other words, everything seems to be up and running except for the web ui. Netstat shows TIME_WAIT - not sure how helpful that is though.

Anyway, was wondering if any one has experienced the same issue and has a solution or could tell me what I'm doing wrong. Or perhaps offer any suggestions on how I can track down the cause of the problem or fix it. Any suggestions would be most appreciated.

Re: WebUI no longer works after recent upgrade

Post by qbtdeff »

I had the same problem after updating from 4.4.0. I'm running the linuxserver docker image.
What "solved" the problem was deleting all the *.fastresume files in BT_Backup folder but that obviously deletes my torrent list. I would like to know if there is another way to fix it that doesn't require me to re-add all the my torrents.
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