Very slow or non existent upload on 2k+ torrents

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Very slow or non existent upload on 2k+ torrents

Post by OgRoar »

So I use Qbittorrent to download only for the RSS/Filebot integration and Deluge for seeding. Recently Deluge keeps erroring out, freezing etc even after reinstalls. I'm sick of having it forget the location of my torrents and rechecking 2k torrents. Deluge has always been a great seeder for me.

This brings me to now. I just want to use Qbittorrent exclusively but I can't get the speed/frequency out of the uploads. I speed test at 20Mbps+ upload. Port forwarding is working. I had one spike earlier today when I first got all my torrents migrated over. It sustained 8Mbps for about 6min but since then only a small drip, 36kps, 75kbps etc since then.

This is on a private tracker using RSS to get the newest downloads right away. I also have a huge library of old stuff that only a few of us are still seeding. I'm not looking to compete with a seed box, I understand that won't happen, but on Deluge I would see 1Mbps+ almost constantly. Someone was constantly getting something from me.

Current settings:
Global max 800
Max per torrent 400
Global upload 250
Max slots per torrent upload 50

Refresh interval 1500
Asynchronous i/o 8
File pool size 5000
Outstanding memory checking 1024
Disk cache -1
Disk expiry 600

Everything else should be standard.

Any insight is appreciated. Thank you.
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