Torrent finishes -> Seeding -> Completed

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Torrent finishes -> Seeding -> Completed

Post by kevinhtre »

This is major newbie stuff but I can't seem the find the answer online, since I'm searching for 'completed' and 'seeding' I get results all about how to do various things. My challenge is:

Torrent finishes. Ends up status "Completed" and never, ever, ever seems to got to "Seeding"
If I hit the play/resume button on a 'Completed' torrent, it briefly switches to 'Seeding' but fairly quickly, back to completed.

Things I've already looked into from the Googling:
  • The files are definitely there and have verified
    Options->BitTorrent->Torrent queueing is turned OFF
    Options->BitTorrent->Seeding limits is checked and 'when ratio reaches 1' (none of these torrents show a ratio of 1)
    Options->BitTorrent->When seeding time... is UNchecked
    Options->Speed all the global rate limits are 0 which means unlimited, schedule the use of alternative rate limits is UNchecked
    Options->Connection->global uploads is set to 20, I only have 7 'Completed' torrents
I can't seem to get anything to stay in status 'Seeding' for more than 1 minute. But because they go there at all, I feel like there ARE people out there trying to download this stuff, but its ending prematurely.

Thanks for reading and the help.
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Re: Torrent finishes -> Seeding -> Completed

Post by Peter »

Could you go into View -> Log -> Show
And then check Execution Log tab, once you try to start these affected torrents. See why they go into Completed.

(This does feel like seeding limit but we'll see.)
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