qbittorrent-nox 4.5.4 looses all config settings after reboot

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qbittorrent-nox 4.5.4 looses all config settings after reboot

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ubuntu 23.10 mantic Linux sandersuperserver 6.5.0-10-generic

qbittorrent-nox -v : qBittorrent v4.5.4 (probably installed by apt package manager)


I have a really weird problem here. Maybe you can make something out of it.
When I enter the settings in the web GUi of qbittorrent-nox and I configure stuff, login, passwd, interface, device, ip , download, download temp,
any thing it doesn't matter what, it works.

However, when I reboot the server (pc) or just restart the daemon by 'systemctl restart qbittorrent-nox'
the application looses all config. It resets to default like it has just been installed with default admin login.
O what could that be? Is the application not able to save the config? If so, why isn't there an error popup?

Has anyone experience with this, and how to get rid of this issue?
Thanks for any help. I wasn't able yet to find anything useful searching the net.

Bye. ;)
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