How should we set the connection limits?

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How should we set the connection limits?

Post by euler »

:) The situation is that, sometimes I allow for 2, 3 extra torrents to start because the current torrents are at a slow speed anyways, and my whole network can start to get jammed and nothing can go through, including Amazon or YouTube. :)

So how should we set the following? (the numbers are my settings now)
  • Global maximum number of connections: 280
  • Maximum number of connections per torrent: 60
  • Global maximum number of upload slots: 12
  • Maximum number of upload slots per torrent: 3
I noticed some torrents may only have 5 peers, but some torrents may have 260 peers, so let's say if we have 3 or 6 torrents running, does that mean one torrent can be downloading from 6 peers, but ??? waiting in line for 254 peers, so that's 260 connections right there?

Is the 60 above trying to limit that, so, 6 torrents, and say if each one has 60 connections, then it is 360 connections? Would that jam up the whole Internet provider router?

:) I mean, should we work with a number that is below 200 or 180, if the maximum connections my ISP router can only handle 256 connections or would that be 512 connections or what number is a common number of maximum connections?

:) Is it just more robust if we set it to:
  • Global maximum number of connections: 180
Because besides qbittorrent, we also have Google Chrome with 10 tabs open, iPad, iPhones, and perhaps some Android phones, so we cannot hog all the network resource.

I also have Wireless Router, Wireless Access Point for downstairs, and an Ethernet Gigabit Switch, do the come into play regarding this number?
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Re: How should we set the connection limits?

Post by Advika »

Setting connection limits is essential for managing network resources effectively. The ideal limits depend on your specific use case and network capacity. Here's a general approach:

1.Analyze Network Traffic: Monitor your network to understand its peak usage periods and typical traffic patterns. This data will help you make informed decisions.
2.Consider User Needs: Assess the number of users and their activities. In a corporate environment, employees might need more connections, while a public Wi-Fi hotspot may require limitations to prevent abuse.
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3.Bandwidth Allocation: Ensure that your connection limits align with available bandwidth. Overallocation can lead to congestion, while underallocation may leave users frustrated.

4.Security: Limit connections to safeguard against DDoS attacks or unauthorized access, but don't set limits so low that it disrupts legitimate traffic.
5.Regular Adjustment: Network usage evolves, so regularly review and adjust connection limits as needed.

By following these guidelines, you can strike a balance between user satisfaction and network stability.
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Re: How should we set the connection limits?

Post by metricspace »

I have this same question, your answer is both complete but lacking perscriptions or how to tailor to the usecase.

Is there any documentation that handles specific settings for connection limits parameterized by free variables such as, torrents, bandwidth, read, write, ram volume, etc.

I just feel like I'm so blind here, any guidance with actual figures would be appreciated. I know this is foolish but I have no limits checked.

My use case:
2x 16TB hdd's mirrored raid in a zpool.
1 120gb optane nvme drive as the zpool cache.
128 Gb of ddr5 ram

2K torrrents ~ 400Mib/per
100 torrents ~ 20Gib/per

Max upload I've seen in Qbittorrent is 2.7MiB/s

Any help is appreciated!
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