qBittorrent semi-freezes

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qBittorrent semi-freezes

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Windows 11, 64 bit
qBittorrent v4.6.5 (64-bit)

QBittorrent constantly “semi-freezes”.

What do I mean?

When I first start QBitTorrent, all is fine.

However, very soon it “semi-freezes”.

In the main window, all values freeze. For example, the download speed and the upload speed appear fixed (they stop changing).

If I click on the “peers” tab, all values are fixed.
For example, the download speed of each peer is fixed, as is the upload.

On the "general" tab, the uploaded and availability bars appear empty.

It's not just the updating of displayed values that is frozen. All actual downloading (and, I presume all uploading) cease.

If I exit QBittorrent, it usually takes some time for the exit process to finish.

When I restart QBittorrent, all is initially well.

However, the problem usually recurs within a minute.

Occasionally, the "freeze" will "unfreeze", without me taking action.

However, it then soon freezes again.

In order to download something, I usually have to continually exit and restart QBitTorrent, waiting a few minutes each time for the exit to complete.

So, it can take a long time (and require a lot of attention) to complete a download.

Any help appreciated.
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