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High RAM Ussage

Posted: Mon Feb 06, 2023 2:24 pm
by SpectreGhost
Hi everyone

Anyone experience High RAM Usage when using a docker container vs other OS's like Windows?

I know someone who is using the same version of qBittorrent, but on Windows 10. He has around 40k torrents not paused (aka Active/Inactive) and only using 2.5 GiB of RAM. However, I have about 1200 torrents and I am using 21 GiB of RAM. When I had around 2400 torrents, I was using upwards of 60 GiB of RAM. This has/is happening with both Binhex's qBittorrentVPN (no vpn running or privoxy), and LinuxServer's qBittorrent. It does not seem to matter what version of qBittorrent I run, as I have run versions 4.3.9 and multiple 4.4.x versions.

Is this a bug with the docker containers or possibly something else? If I try to limit the RAM it is allowed, it will eventually crash the docker container.

Thank you,