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reintegrating ".parts" files strange behavior

Posted: Fri Mar 03, 2023 7:42 pm
by johnny jackhammer
I understand that when downloading a torrent with qbittorrent and deselecting some of the torrent's files that they are indeed downloaded and hidden in a .parts file on the system. No problem.

Now that I understand, I can go back to those torrents and check the files that I had initially deselected? Yes I can. And it appears that upon doing this those previously unselected files appear as 100% downloaded in qbittorrent file-viewer, yet the .parts file remains and and those files are not on my filesystem. That's odd.

So I think I must "force recheck" to make qbittorrent "move" the .parts file over to the visible filesystem. Is this incorrect? But wait, what if there are no peers seeding this torrent any longer? How do I stop the force recheck and continue seeding - since I do have all of the files?

If there is a seeder... Once the force recheck is done however, the .parts file remains. Shouldn't that be deleted now?

Lots of questions and no answers anywhere on this behavior.