Moving files to a new Mac

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Moving files to a new Mac

Post by Spacecadet0314 »


I'm moving my files to a new Mac and am looking for instructions on how to relink my downloads to qBittorrent.

I couldn't find anything specific to Macs, so I'm asking here.

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Re: Moving files to a new Mac

Post by Peter »

I would simply copy all the data through network, then add all the torrent files (via watched folder maybe), and let it re-check it all.

But if you want to migrate, this ticket has the folders where the settings reside:
(scroll to latest reply)

You'd stop qBittorrent on both Macs, and then copy these folders into the same places.
Of course the data also has to be in the same location for it to see the downloaded stuff, once you start it on the new Mac.
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