Delete .torrent files afterwards not working anymore

If you run qBittorrent in / with Docker.
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Delete .torrent files afterwards not working anymore

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I'm using qbittorrent in docker on Debian amd64 and while adding .torrent file from webui via browser, i set to delete it afterwards in settings, and it works some time ago, now i realize that it stop deleting metadata files from source directory. Files remain untouched. Where to look for solution ?

I use version :
qBittorrent v4.5.2 Web UI (64-bit)
Qt: | 6.5.0
Libtorrent: |
Boost: | 1.82.0
OpenSSL: | 3.1.0
zlib: | 1.2.13

PS I posted same issue on github, if it's not a problem.
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