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Cleaning torrents based on plenty of other seeders

Posted: Fri Apr 05, 2024 3:09 am
by rdalek

I'm running a little low on hard drive space. I put torrents on their own mount point. Linux user here. Anyway, currently have about 32TBs of space available but it is at about 90%. Right now, I can't budget a larger drive to replace a smaller one with. So, I need to make some room. There's three drives using LVM currently. I'd like to remove some torrents based on them having plenty of other seeders. In the columns I have "seeds" enabled. I see a number and then another number in parentheses. I suspect the number in parentheses is the number of other copies available. The higher the number, the more copies there is available from other people. So, if I have a torrent that shows 300 or more in parentheses, then there is a lot of other copies available. If I delete/remove mine, people who want that torrent have plenty of others to get it from. Am I correct in that thinking? Does that mean something else completely?

Is there another way to only remove torrents that are going to be easily available from others if I remove mine here? I may store these on a backup drive and re-add them later.

My intention was to seed any torrent I get, unless it turned out to be a bad one or something, from then on. Sort of my way of helping others, hopefully ones who helped me as well. Some of my torrents are hard to find and took a while to get. I like some that happen to be, shall we say, old products.

To anyone reading this that may have helped me get a torrent, thanks. If I happened to help share one with you, you're welcome. ;D ;D

Re: Cleaning torrents based on plenty of other seeders

Posted: Sun Apr 14, 2024 7:40 pm
by bob2306
My understanding is that 5(9) would mean that you are connected to 5 and that a total of 9 has been reported by trackers and DHT.

I just keep the ones that I think deserve preserving. I also take account of how likely it is that there will be an alternative torrent.

The problem with using the number of seeds is that it depends on the age of the torrent. A new torrent with a lot of seeds may lose them all very quickly.

Re: Cleaning torrents based on plenty of other seeders

Posted: Sat Apr 20, 2024 12:24 pm
by rdalek
Those are good points. Most of my torrents are old. A lot of them have very few seeders. I try to keep any torrent I download just so others can get it too, and hopefully seed as well. Of the 3,800 or so torrents I have, almost 3,200 of them are complete. I have one that has a share ratio of over 1,200. I have four between 500 and 200. There are a lot of them that are over 10. Still, I try to keep them around.

I realized I could move some torrents to a different location. I have some space on another drive mount point so I just moved a few large torrents over to it. That gave me some more space on the set of drives it's usually is on. Maybe I can buy another 16TB or 18TB drive before to long. That'll last for a while, until I fill that up too. ::)

I just want to seed as long as I can. Some torrents took a LONG time to get. I'd like to make it easier on the next person who wants one that I have.